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The 1A PROTEAM Consortium brings together entrepreneurs and craftsmen. We offer our customers complete package services provided by Slovenian craft undertakings and experts. The aim of the Consortium is to conduct joint promotion efforts and to offer complete package services to its prospects. Even though all companies involved continue to work autonomously, they coordinate the provision of services performed by members of the consortium. Clients can thus avail of complete package craftsmen services from a single source. The 1A PROTEAM consortium brings together Slovenian companies, committed to providing high-quality services at fair prices. All kinds of services are thus provided from one single source, from the project design to its implementation and cleaning of works.
The first step towards successful collaboration is personal commitment, support provided by a highly qualified team, competitive prices, provision of services at the highest standard and fast responsiveness.

Our business objectives

The services provided exceed the expectations of our clients.
Our consortium fosters good relationships with its existing clients and also concentrates on penetrating new markets and obtaining new clients.
We respect all our colleagues, who have the opportunity to share in our success and grow hand in hand with the consortium.
Our tolerance towards others constitutes a major business and community advantage of our consortium.
Cost-effectiveness is at the forefront of our work, as not only our clients but also our consortium and employees benefit from effectively performed tasks.
We take advantage of all opportunities for growth, as long as they comply with our long-term earnings objectives.


One partner for the entire project. Our know-how and development are continuously upgraded.
Our consortium has been continuously aware of technical developments.
Our manufacturing meets state-of-the-art requirements. Our processes are continuously subject to internal and external audits.
Our clients are regarded as business partners that form the basis of long-term success.
Bearing in mind that our services have to be implemented in a healthy and high-quality manner, we gladly engaged in well-founded discussions and are always open for any critical suggestions and opinions. Only close collaboration and the related exchange of views and opinions allows us to meet the wishes of our clients and continuously improve the services provided. The advantages of such a healthy collaboration and the results achieved as a consequence are thus tangible for everyone.

Products and services

Project design and completion.
Renovation, extension, rehabilitation.
Bathroom restoration, construction drying, water damage repair services.
Appreciation of real estate, finishing services.
Insulation services.
Building services engineering.
Domestic application services.
Electrical installations.
Dry construction, stretched ceilings and panelling.
Natural stone, ceramics, artificial stone.
Windows, doors and gates.
Glass and glass facades.
Other craft services.


UNIOR d.d. Zreče - due Diligence Report
HOTEL KOROTAN in Vienna - Room and bathroom renovation
NIAGARA Lounge Bar, Maribor - Maintenance
HABERKORN ULMER, Maribor - Maintenance work
IGRALNI SALON CASINO JOKER, Maribor - Maintenance work
DOM OSTARELIH KUZMA - Capacity increase - Elderly homes Kuzma
AVTOHIŠA Ferk Maribor - Building Garage and Car Dealers »Mazda«
TERMIT Moravče - Facades work

Bathrooms and sanitary facilities Renovation in Slovenia and Austria
More reference projects in the supplement

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About us

A partner for the entire project.

Igor Vidovič

M: +386 (0)41 71 61 30

Sebastijan Brence

M: +386 (0)31 61 26 42

Dušan Knehtl

M: +386 (0)31 62 60 74

Our consortium is located in Maribor, in the building of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Maribor on Titova cesta 63, on the second floor.



Titova cesta 63
2000 Maribor
M: +386 (0)40 55 67 11